Best Gaming Mouse deals of 2021

Best Gaming Mouses of 2021

Batknight Gaming tops the list by User reviews taking on brands such as Redragon, Logitech, Razor and Sharkoon.  

Below are the top 3 picks from Entry to Pro Application

The entry level Batknight W3200 model is a great all rounder and a perfect fit in the range where a larger size mouse is the preference, boasting all the features needed by beginners looking for a good quality option.

Some of the key features as per below make this mouse great value for money.

4 DPI settings range from 800 to 2400

7 Color RGB with Breathing mode

5 million click stroke life 

1.8M braided cable 

Link W3200 model now on special at R149

The Mid Level BM300 Model with Ergonomic desgin fits the hand more comfortably allowing for longer hours of gaming without fatigue designed with a solid base and heavy duty braided cales ensures the highest level 

of durability and a long lifespan. 

Some of the key features as per below make this mouse a great option for the more avid gamer looking for a more suitable option for longer hours of playing time.

RGB backlight using the Avago 3050 IC chip sensor

7D RGB mode with left and right hand double mode

5 DPI modes from 500 to 4000 with gaming grade opticla sensor

20 million click stroke life 

1.7M braided cable 

Link BM300 model now on special at R199

The Pro gamer level advanced programmable BM900 Model, aimed at the professional gamers, is desigend to accomodate hours upon hours of playing time with out any fatigue, together with a highly

durable scrolling wheel, machined out of a solid billet of aluminum.  Supplied with two sets of magnetic comfor grips ensures the best fit for any advanced gamer.

Multiple glide pads underneath allows perfect compatabiltiy with all types of mouse pad materials. The Aluminium and Rubber moulded neck adds to the durabilty of the high strength braided cord.

Some of the Key feature below making this one of the best options on the market.

RGB backlight using the Avago 3050 IC chip sensor

4 DPI settings range from 800 to 4000

9D programmable buttons

Poling rate up to 1000hz

10 million click stroke life 

1.2M braided cable

Link BM900 model now 0n special at R299


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